Choosing Herbs According to Blood Type

  • O blood type
Tends to produce excessive gastric acid so that people with this blood type sensitive with gastric and ulcer wound. Herbs which are used to neutralize these problems are mint leaves, parsley, and rosehip. You can also consume ginger, fennel, ginger stew. Ginger and fennel can decrease gas because of excessive gastric acid. Avoid echinacea related with your imune system. Avoid also senna fruit and aloe vera in case of their potency in continuous bleeding, because your blood type tends to dilute. You can save saga leaves, chamomile flower, gingseng, and hawthorn berry for treating everyday diseases.
  • A blood type
The weakness of people with this blood type is digesting and delivering animal protein, so that your heart muscle may lack of nutrition. Hawthorn berry is suggested to be consumed everyday. Relating with imune system, you need herbs like garlic, onions, echinacea, and astragalus. To releasing stress, try chamomile tea, velerian, and centella asiatica, also green tea. Aloe vera is save for constipation. If you feel bloating, nausea, or sebah just brewed mint leaves, ginger, pepper or fennel.

  • B blood type
Although people with this blood type is well in digesting process, they have weakness in their nervous system. Herb which is the most suggested is gingseng. Consume it everymorning is good. To get the same effect, try ginger and mint leaves as tea. Herb which is suggested related with metabolism. It also contain anti-viral compounds and can balance sugar blood levels. It is good for you to consume green tea to maintain immunity.
  • AB blood type
The weakness of people with this bllod type is their body producing excessive mucus. This condition affects respiratory, sinusitis, and ear infection. To handle this, consume 2 tablespoon of distilated lemon mixed with a glass of water. There is problem also with sensitive digestion that can weaken the body. Alfalfa, chamomile flower, and echinacea are the herbs which are suggeted to strengthen imune system.

source: Nirmala Indonesian magazine

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