Sea Cucumber Curing Several Diseases

Sea Cucumber can be used to treat diabetes, heart disease and other serious diseases

Yes, animals which are known in as Sea Pickles is also good to be eaten but it surprisingly turned out to have remarkable benefits for health.

Research conducted at several universities in Malaysia for several years indicate that sea cucumbers can circulate blood well, launch kidney function, increas levels of metabolism, cure joint pain, antiseptic wound, diabetes, hypertension, prevent clogging cholesterol in the blood vessels, digestive disorders , breathing problems, anemia and even can be used to treat heart disease.

The use of sea cucumbers as traditional antiseptics and versatile drug for various diseases has been known since 500 years ago by the community Langkawi island, Malaysia. Cucumbers are usually drunk with water by mothers who give birth out to stop the bleeding, or also to accelerate the wound healing process of their children who are out of circumcision.

Based on the research of scientists, sea cucumbers are considered to have the content of Cell Growth Factor. Therefore, it is able to stimulate regeneration of cells and tissue that has been damaged, decayed and even sick, so it can be back to normal, for example in the case of diabetes mellitus. In addition of drinking sea cucumbers, it can also be applied to the wounds that had rotted, and even that was almost amputated. This indicates that the existing content in cucumber able to work well so the injury can recover quickly. High protein content in cucumber which reaches 86% is good to be given to diabetics. High protein plays regenerate pancreatic beta cells that produce insulin. The result is increasing insulin production.

About its benefit to cure heart disease presented by researchers, it is claimed that docosahexanat acids (DHA) of the sea cucumber can lower blood triglyceride levels cause heart disease. This has been evidenced when examining fatty acids stichopus chloronotus of sea cucumber, sea cucumber has DHA content which is relatively high, i.e. 3.69%.

Furthermore, sea cucumbers can improve immunity, reduce pain and itching on the skin surface, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, knocked out toxins in the liver, lowering blood pressure , maintain blood circulation, heal ulcers, and cure chronic asthma. In addition, sea cucumbers can also be used for beauty treatments and materials of wound healing for mothers after childbirth, because of its protein and high collagen.

Cucumbers that we deem mediocre and uninteresting indeed have tremendous benefits for human health. Therefore, from now on do not be afraid to see its looks and do not hesitate to eat it even though according to several people it is not listed as delicious foods. So, good luck with getting healthy and keep the spirit .

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